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Pisces.Lover.Giver.Friend. Writer.Dreamer.LGBTQIA. Human.EverEvolving. ContinuouslyLearning. PositiveFlow.

I’ve been craving comfort food so I decided to make some great northern beans with smoked turkey & some cornbread. My Aunt Cil would be proud ^_^ #yum #inthekitchenwithdanni
My hair is doing pretty good, it didn’t wanna stay straight & I love the natural curls ^_^
I had to repost this from my sis, the message is too real.
My famous banana pudding made from scratch. I put a spin on it this time & made banana cheesecake pudding. It is quite delicious I must add. I cook & I bake.. Somebodies missing out lol #yum #inthekitchenwithdanni
I guess my hair knows best.. It curled up on its own & I absolutely love it!! #naturalhair
From freshly washed to straightened. It’s already frizzing back up 😩 lol
Let Your Ears Do The Talking. Shop for #unique #handmade #wooden #jewelry! 😘 #dannilittle
My new handmade crochet bow ties are ready to make their debut. If there are any male models or androgynous women who are interested in modeling & being featured on my website please let me know below. Thanks Guys!! 💛 #handmade #crochet #bowties #dannilittle Photographer: @ken_doll312 Model: @fraisfresh
What’s on the menu tonight?  A salmon & shrimp wrap with spring mix, craisins, New Zealand cheddar cheese & some sautéed kale with a bit of olive oil & garlic salt. #datgirlbecooking #inthekitchenwithdanni #yum
Didn’t feel like cooking but I had to eat (lol) so I baked some eggplant slices with olive oil & garlic salt & heated up some leftover rice.. Seasoned with a little lemon juice, garlic salt & my secret ingredient a chicken bouillon cube. #yum #inthekitchenwithdanni